Netrics Data - Continuous Measurements of Internet Performance at the Access Network


Image of a map with data displayed on it and a heat map of Netrics device deployments with some charts of netrics data displayed on a Grafana dashboard and accompanying text that says Internet Equity Initiative data about and analysis of Internet performance and reliability with actionable insights to address inequity in communities across the United States.

This repository contains documentation about and links to datasets collected by Netrics Internet measurement devices which the Internet Equity Initiative research team at the Data Science Institute deployed across Chicago starting in late 2021. Supporting resources to assist those that want to use the data are also available.

Useful resources

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Quarter Speedtest Latency Counters
2021Q4 csv.tgz csv.tgz csv.tgz
2022Q1 csv.tgz csv.tgz csv.tgz
2022Q2 csv.tgz csv.tgz csv.tgz
2022Q3 csv.tgz csv.tgz csv.tgz
2022Q4 csv.tgz csv.tgz csv.tgz
2023Q1 csv.tgz csv.tgz csv.tgz

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Please create an issue if you want to flag errors in the data or make suggestions on how to improve the data for the research team.

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